A work of Mechanical Precision

Marotta Ltd. has been operating in the field of precision engineering since 1957 and, over the years, it has been specializing by increasing its know-how and by continuously facing and keeping up with the technical improvements. An ongoing challenge to overcome its limitations and guarantee its customers a high quality service in the precision engineering in Naples. Skilled in the design and manufacture of scientific instruments for space research and astronomy, the experience, passion and drive of the company towards this area are widely rewarded by important partnerships come into being during the long worktime of Marotta Ltd.: Leonardo-Finmeccanica, Mecaer, Adler Group, Gavazzi Space, ESA (European Space Agency) , ASI (Italian Space Agency), ESO (European Southern Observatory), CIRA (Italian Aerospace research Centre) and many others. The company is certified UNI EN 9100: 2009 by the body : UNAVIAcert.a

Marotta S.r.l

Experience and expertise

A small Italian firm, but one "that can face the great ones", as described by Lino Grosso, mechanical engineer and CEO of the Company, in an interview appare on the Italian newspaper “La Repubblica” in 2010. Even today, nearly sixty years after its founding, the company is still a milestone point in Italy for precision machining, interested not only in succeeding in this field, but also in keeping Made in Italy alive. Over the years, significant projects in the field of aerospace research and telescopes have been mostly carried out by young and very driven employees. Two generations of engineers and skilled workers grew professionally in the structure of Cercola (near Naples) and almost all of them have started their own careers right after their work in Marotta Ltd.

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mechanical precision

Mechanics Precision

Marotta Ltd. uses modern numerical control (both horizontal and vertical ones) machines, up to 4 controlled axes and palletized, in order to work keeping up with high precision and speed of up to 6 meters in length.


Aerospace and Research

Over the last few years Marotta Ltd. has developed an internal department of design, research and development; 

this way, they can now provide a full complete service to their customers.



Marotta Ltd. designs in-house all the equipment necessary for the production of NC machines and for dimensional testing, and offers the same service to its customers, using the most modern design systems such as CATIA V5 and Mechanical Desktop. Beyond this, it also has experience in designing and building assembly ports, assembly lines, (Jig, Rig, etc) and equipment movements (MGSE, Crane system, Recovery System, Transport Container etc.)


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